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Fees Concession and Scholarship Policy

A detailed discussion took place in the meeting of Subhashini Memorial Trust and School Managing Committee vide meeting no. SMT/01/23-24 dated 16.04.2023 and SMC/01/23-24 dated 16.04.2023 respectively regarding the student concession issues related to Admission in Class XI, fees structure of Class XI and XII as this important issue has been raised by Mr. Samarendranath Das, the Principal of the school. It is known to all the honourable members that the school authority always has liberal attitude for granting concessions/Partial concession and free studentship.The aforesaid issues have been discussed elaborately and all the honourable members have unanimously adopted the under mentioned decisions.
  1. Deserving students from Class Preparatory I to Class X will be entitled to concession / partial concession / free studentship. Special concessions are also offered to the children of employees of Contai Public School. All these considerations will be made according to the merit/performance of the students and parents’ economic condition which will be justified by the Board of Trustees of the Subhashini Memorial Trust and Members of the School Managing Committee on production of income certificate (from the employer)/ self declaration of income (for self employment)/ copy of Income Tax Return of the current Financial Year by concerned parents. Hence, concessions of any kind will be under the discretion of School’s Policy formulated by the Board of Trust and School Managing Committee.
  2. Our School is located in an economically backward village/ area. As per School’s Policy sinceits establishment in the campus of Dakshin Gopinathpur, the decision by the then school authority was to provide free education to the deserving students of this locality under 8, Majilapur G.P., Contai-I.
  3. A vivid discussion took place regarding provision of concession and free studentship for the students of Class XI and class XII. This issue also has been elaborately discussed in the meeting by all the honourable members. After detailed discussions the members further came to the following decisions :
  1. Concession/free studentship will not be provided to any student in General for class XI and XII.
  2. Students passed ICSE with 99% and above marks will be offered 50% scholarship against their Tuition Fee to honour and recognize their credit and achievement irrespective of their financial background. One time Admission Fee & Other Charges are to be paid by all admitted students.
  3. Students obtained 98% to 98.9% marks will be offered scholarship of Rs. 18,000/- per Academic Year against their Tuition Fees.
  4. Students obtained 97% to 97.9% marks will be provided scholarship of Rs. 12,000/- per Academic Year against their Tuition Fees.
  5. The students entitled to receive scholarship are to pay laboratory fees, if applicable for the concerned student.
  6. Students obtained less than 97% marks may be considered for reduced fees strictly on the basis of the performance of the particular student in previous classes and deserving students in the opinion of School Managing Committee. Particularly in this case, Managing Committee may have an interview with the concerned parents and the final decision in this regard will be taken as per their recommendations. This is further resolved that the student enjoys the scholarship offered in Class XI on the basis of his / her performance in ICSE will not be continued with the same if his / her performance in the Annual Examination of Class XI does not fulfil the criteria determined for the scholarship by the School Managing Committee.The School Managing Committee may also consider the scholarship on the basis of the performance of the students throughout the Academic Year.  All the above mentioned decisions related to concessions / scholarships will be displayed in the school Notice Board and also will be uploaded in the school’s official website(www.contaipublicschool.com). This is to be mentioned that the above mentioned policy making decisions brought to effect from 1st April, 2023 to March 2024.

N. B. – It is to be noted that scholarships to the selected students are contributed  By Subhashini Memorial Trust.

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