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CPS Family

Advisory Board
 We have an advisory board since the very first day of the school’s inception.
Our advisory board is enriched with eminent stalwarts from different segments of society.
They render their services voluntarily to strengthen our enthusiasm to achieve the goal.
 Members of Advisory Board 
1. Mr. Samar Bagchi  Ex-Director,  B.I.T.M., Kolkata
2. Dr. Debiprosad Duari  Director, Research & Academic, B.I.F.R., Kolkata 
3. Mr. Dibyendu Adhikari  Member of Parliament, Tamluk Loksabha Constituency
4. Prof. (Dr.) Punyasloke Bhadury  Professor, I.I.S.E.R., Kolkata
5. Dr. Satyabrata Bag  Radiologist, 'Nirupan', Contai
6. Dr. Bidhan Ch. Bhunia  Ex-Medical Officer, Contai  S. D. Hospital 
7. Prof. (Dr.) Pradipta Panchadhyayee   Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, (U.G & P.G) P. K. College,  Contai 
8. Mr. J. N. Das    Ex-Dy. Director, All India Radio, Kolkata      
9. Mr. Suprakash Maity                  Social Worker, Ex-Councillor, Contai  Municipality
10.  Mr. Aloke Kumar Das B.L. & L.R. O., Khejuri- II
Subhashini Memorial Trust
Subhashini Memorial Trust is the Apex Body of Contai Public School, founded in the year 2000 to govern the school. This is a charitable and educational trust registered U/S 12A and 80G of IT Act 1961. Apart from the school governance, the trust organizes various charitable activities. It is associated with many other NGOs of equal category to enhance the standard of life of the down trodden. Many organizations are directly benefited by the activities of Subhashini Memorial Trust. It remains active by involving with several social and cultural activities too. It promotes many organizations to arrange seminars, workshops, symposiums, exhibitions etc.
Founder Trustees :
1. Mr. Samarendranath Das, Managing Trustee
2. Mr. Tapan Kumar Dash, Secretary
3. Mr. Basanta Kumar Routh, Treasurer 
4. Mr. Amarendra Nath Das
5. Mr. Satyendra Nath Das
Present Board of Trust :
1. Mr. Samarendranath Das, Managing Trustee
2. Mr. Partha Das, Secretary & Treasurer
3. Mr. Barun Kumar Jana
4. Mr. Bimalendu Bikash Patra
5. Mr. Chittaranjan Routh
6. Mr. Satyendra Nath Das
7. Mr. Partha Sakha Patra
School Managing Committee
The school has a proactive managing committee as per the guidelines of Dept.of Secondary Education, Govt.of West Bengal. They voluntarily extend their hands of co-operation for the smooth running of the institution.
Members of Managing Committee 
Hon’ble Members Designation Category
1. Prof. Gourhari Giri, Retd. Professor, P. K. College, Contai President Education
2. Dr. Puranjan Das, H. M., Bhawanichak High School Vice-President  Education
3. Mr. Barun Kr. Jana, Director, Royal Private I. T. I., Contai Secretary Trust’s Representative
4. Mr. Samarendranath Das, Principal, Contai Public School                   Ex-officio Member Head of the Institution
5. Dr. Tathagata Bhattacharjee, M. O., Contai S. D. Hospital                   Hon’ble Member  Medical Practitioner
6. Mr. Partha Das, Sr. Income Tax Consultant Hon’ble Member  Trust’s Representative
7. Prof. Susmita Adak, Associate Prof., Sitananda College, Nandigram Hon’ble Member  Parents’ Representative
8. Sk. Safiul Rahaman, H.M., Ranisai Banipith High School (H.S) Hon’ble Member  Parents’ Representative
9. Mr. Palash Pal, Assistant Teacher Hon’ble Member  Teachers’ Representative
10. Ms. Srabani Ganguly, Assistant Teacher, Head, R & D Wing Hon’ble Member  Teachers’ Representative
11. Mr. Koushik Das, Librarian Hon’ble Member Staffs' Representative
1. Mr. Harisankar Das, B.A.(Eng. Hons.) B. Ed.,PGDELT   Academic Advisor
2. Mr. Dipak Kumar Das, M.Sc.(Chem.), D.I.T.A, B.Ed. Chief Co-ordinator 
3. Mr. Purnendu Giri, M. Sc.(Maths), D.El.Ed. Co-ordinator (Curricular)
4. Mr. Prahallad Maity, M.A.(English), B. Ed. Additional Co-ordinator (Curricular)
5. Mr. Sanjib Kumar Nanda, M.A. (Hist.),D.El.Ed. Co-ordinator (Co-Curricular)
6. Mr. Totan Bera, B. A., B. C. O. Sr. Office Co-ordinator
7. Mr. Santanu Bag, M.Com. Chief Accountant
8. Mr. Junaid  Wasi, B. Com. (Hons.) Public Relation Officer
9. Mrs. Dipali Maity, H.S. Sr. Office Assistant
1. Mr. Samarendranath Das, Principal M.Sc.(Zoology), B.A., B.Ed.
2. Mr. Partha Sakha Patra, Vice Principal M. A.(Pol. Sc.), B. Ed.
3. Mrs. Sangeeta Das, Incharge, Sr. School; H.O.D.(Science) M. Sc.(Physics), B.Ed.
4.Mrs. Luna Karmakar, Sr. Academic Co-ordinator  M. A.(Eng.), B. Ed.
5. Mrs. Soma Bhunia, H.O.D. (English) M.A.(Eng), B.Ed.
6. Mr. Mrinmay Mukherjee M.A.(Eng.), B. Ed., D.E.L.T.
7. Mr. Arindam Bhuyan M.A. (Eng), B. Ed.
8. Mrs. Srabani Ganguly, Head, R & D Wing B.A.(Eng. Hons.),T.T.C.,B. Ed.,PGDELT, D.El.Ed. 
9. Ms. Sanjukta Guchhait M. A. (Eng), B. Ed.
10. Mrs. Debrupa Mishra  Giri M. A. (Eng), B. Ed.
11. Mr. Satyajit Mondal M.A. (Eng), B.Ed.
12. Mr. Tarasankar Roymahapatra M. A.(Eng), D.El.Ed. M. Ed. M. Phil (Edu)
13. Mr. Anupam Sengupta M.A. (Eng), B.Ed.
14. Mrs. Suporna Das M.A.(Socio), B.Ed. D.El.Ed. B.A. (English) 
15. Mrs. Moushumi Maity M.A.(Eng), T.T.C., D.El.Ed.
16. Mrs. Maumita Das Mukherjee M. A. (Eng.),B.Ed.,D.El.Ed.
17. Mr. Manik Ch. Giri M.A.(Eng), B.Ed.
18. Mrs. Moumita Roy Panda B.A.(Eng. Hons), B.P. Ed., D.El.Ed.
19. Mr. Rajarshi Ray, H.O.D. (2nd Language) M.A.(Beng), B.Ed.
20. Mrs. Krishna Tripathi(Barik) M.A.(Beng), B.Ed.
21. Mrs. Mahua Maity M.A. (Beng), T. T. C., B.Ed. 
22. Mr. Amar Das B. A. (Beng. Hons.), B. Com., T.T.C. D.El.Ed.
23. Mrs. Tagar Patra M. A. (Beng),D.El.Ed.
24. Mr. Shyam Prasad Bhagat M.A.(Hindi), B.Ed.
25. Mr. Sandip Jana M.A. (Pol. Sc.), B.Ed., D.El.Ed.
26. Mrs. Debarati Kar, H.O.D.(Mathematics) M. Sc.(Maths), B. Ed.             
27. Mrs. Sudipta Mitra (Das) M.Sc.(Maths), B.Ed.
28. Mr. Iman Kalyan Sahoo M.Sc.(Maths.), B.Ed.
29. Mr. Kanchan Ghosh B. Sc., C.T. T. C., D.El.Ed.
30. Mrs. Ritu Ghosh B. Com., T. T. C., D.El.Ed.
31. Mr. Debabrata  Auddy I.S.C., T.T.C.
32. Mr. Abhirup Das M. Sc.(Physics), B.Ed.
33. Mrs. Shayeri Jana  M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed.
34. Mr. Pradip Kumar Dhara M.Sc.(Chemistry), B.Ed.
35. Mr. Sanjay Podder M.Sc.(Chemistry), B.Ed.
36. Mr. Bishnupada  Giri M. Sc.(Chemistry), B. Ed., D.El.Ed.
37. Mr. Palash  Pal M.Sc.(Botany), B.Ed.
38. Mr. Avishek Dasgupta M. Sc.(Zoology), B. Ed.
39. Mrs. Debjani Mahapatra M. Sc. (Zoology), B. Ed.
40. Ms. Arpita Acharya, Incharge, Pre-Primary  B.Sc. (Hons.) B.Ed. D.El.Ed.
41. Mr. Soumava Das B.Sc. (Phy. Hons), M. C. A., B.Ed. (Appd.)
42. Mr. Sabyasachi Das M.C.A., B.A., B.Ed.
43. Mr. Debojyoti Nayak M. C. A., B. Sc., D.El.Ed.
44. Mr. Alok Ranjan Das B.Com., B.C.A.
45. Mr. Soumen Sahoo B. A., D. E. T. E., B.C.A., D.El.Ed.
46. Mr. Nandam Mishra M. A.(Hist.), B. Ed.
47. Ms. Bipasa Pradhan M. A.(Hist.), B. Ed.
48. Mr. Partha Pratim Jana M.Sc.(Geography), B.Ed.
49. Mr. Souvik Kumar Ghosh M. Sc. (Geography), B. Ed.
50.  Ms. Shankari Amin M. Sc. (Geography), B. Ed.
51. Mr. Anubhab Maiti, H.O.D.(Commerce) M. Com., B. Ed.
52. Mrs. Anindita Maity M. Com., T.T.C., B.Ed.
53. Mr. Tuhin Subhra  Maity M. Sc.(Eco), B.Ed., M.A.(Education)
54. Mrs. Rajasree Basu M. A. (Psychology), B.Ed., P.G.D.S.C.
55. Mr. Saradindu Kar B.A., B.P.Ed., D.El.Ed.
56. Mrs. Chandri  M. Meiselbach H.S.(+2), T.T.C., D.El.Ed.
57. Mrs. Jui Sinha Jana B.A.(Hist.Hons.), T.T.C., D.El.Ed.
58. Mrs. Aparna Patra B.A.,  T.T.C., D.El.Ed.
59. Mrs. Pushpa Prajapati H.S.(+2), T.T.C., D.El.Ed.
60. Mrs. Anita Pradhan M. A.(Env.),  T. T. C., B.Ed.
61. Mrs. Tanusree Mukhopadhyay B. Sc., B. A., T.T.C., D.El.Ed.
62. Ms. Supriti Das  B. Sc., B. Ed., D.El.Ed.
63. Mrs. Aparna Pahari M.A. (EVS), T.T.C., D.El.Ed.
64. Mrs. Swati Giri (Pramanik) M.A.(Philosophy), T.T. C., D.El.Ed.
65. Mrs. Chaitali Das Sen M.A.(Eng), D.El.Ed.
66. Mrs. Swarnali Das M. A.(Beng), T.T.C.,D.El.Ed.
67. Ms. Sudeshna Ghosh B. A., T. T.C.,D.El.Ed.
68. Mrs. Sujata Bhuyan B.A. T.T.C.,D.El.Ed.
69. Mrs. Nibedita Maity Bhunia B. A., T. T. C.,D.El.Ed.
70. Mrs. Sayri Mishra Majhi B. A. Eng. Hons. (Pursuing),D.El.Ed.
71. Mrs. Sahana Parvin B. Sc.(Geography), D.El.Ed. 
72. Ms. Sridatta Maity M.Sc.(Computer Science),D.El.Ed.
73. Ms.Tanyeem Sultana B.Com.,D.El.Ed.
74. Mr. Amiya Kr. Das (Guest Teacher) B.Com., Dip. in Art & Craft.
75. Ms. Somashree Hazra M.Com. B.Ed. (Pursuing)
76. Mr. Koushik Das, Librarian B.Com., B. Lib. Sc.
77. Mr. Prithis Jana (I.T. In-charge) B. Sc.( Phy. Hons.), B. Tech,.D.El.Ed(Appd.)
78. Mr. Ashok Das (Lab Instructor) B. Com.
79. Mr. Partha Pratim Bose (Lab Instructor) B.Sc. D.El.Ed. 



1. Mrs. Aparna Das M.A.(Sanskrit)
2. Mrs. Palak Gayen B. A. Eng. Hons. (Pursuing)
3. Mrs. Nandita Auddy Sr. Class Assistant



1.  Mr. Dilip Kumar Samanta   Guitar
2.  Mr. Swapan Maity   Tabla
3.  Mr. Sankha Baran Panda   Synthesizer
4.  Mrs. Pratiti Bera (Das)   Song
5.  Mr. M. Khwaja   Chess
6.  Mr. Sourav Maity   Recitation
7. Mr. Alakesh Samanta   Drama
8. Mr. Debasish Giri   Violin
9.  Ms. Shreya Chakraborty   Dance
10. Mr. Sensei Gouranga Pal   Karate 
11. Mr. Sukumar Pradhan   Yoga
12. Mr. Suhas Bhattacharjee   Basket Ball
Research and Development Wing
We do not believe in stagnancy and state of super saturation especially in the field of academics and beyond academics. Our Research and Development Wing is ever aspiring for innovative practices, exchange of views, open to suggestions from all stakeholders.
We are deeply connected with our potential advisory board members and eminent well-wishers. We are genuinely influenced by spiritual path and spiritual leaders. This wing works to impart and imbibe the deep rooted values, ethos and culture of India which is today’s dire necessity.
Members of the Wing
1. Mr. Samarendranath Das, Principal             
2. Mr. Partha Sakha Patra, Vice Principal               
3. Mr. Dipak Kumar Das, Chief Co-ordinator  
4. Mrs. Srabani Ganguly, Head, R & D Wing                            
5. Mrs. Sangeeta Das; Convener - Incharge, Sr. School   
6. Mr. Avishek Dasgupta, Convener, Students Council 
7. Mr. Tuhin Subhra Maity, Convener, Disciplinary Committee   
8.  Mrs. Arpita Acharya, Incharge, Pre - Primary
9.  Ms. Debarati Kar, H.O.D., Mathematics Department
10. Mr. Abhiurup Das, Asstt. Teacher
11. Mr. Debojyoti Nayak, Asstt. Teacher
12. Mrs. Aparna Pahari, Asstt. Teacher
Academic Council
Academic Council is the nucleus of the school that enroots to the gradual and continuous development of the students under the guidance of our honourable Principal Sir. The Council works as a dedicated team under his leadership. The members think creatively about innovative methods of educating the students and make the teaching learning process enjoyable through realistic approaches. We request our stakeholder to share their opinions with the members of Academic Council to provide the Council’s activities a momentum with different dimensions.
Council Members
1. Mr. Samarendranath Das, Principal                                                    
2.  Mr. Partha Sakha Patra, Vice Principal                                   
3. Mrs. Sangeeta Das; Convener - Incharge, Sr. School  
4. Mr. Anubhab  Maiti, Deputy Convener                                           
5. Mr. Dipak Kumar Das, Chief Co-ordinator                                   
6. Mrs. Luna Karmakar, Sr.Academic Co-ordinator                         
7. Mrs. Srabani Ganguly, Head, R & D Wing                             
8. Mr. Purnendu Giri, Co-ordinator (Curriculur)                          
9. Mr. Prahlad Maity,  Addl.Co-ordinator (Curriculur)  
10. Mrs. Arpita Acharya, Incharge, Pre - Primary Section
11. Mrs. Soma Bhunia, H.O.D., English Department
12. Mr. Mrinmay Mukherjee,  Asstt. Teacher
13. .Mrs. Sudipta Mitra Das,  Asstt. Teacher 
14. Mr. Partha Pratim Jana,  Asstt. Teacher  
15.  Mr. Palash Pal,  Asstt. Teacher  
16. Mr. Pradip Kumar Dhara,  Asstt. Teacher
17. Mr. Soumava Das,  Asstt. Teacher
18. Mr. Rajarshi Ray,  Asstt. Teacher
19. Mr. Bishnupada Giri,  Asstt. Teacher
Disciplinary Committee
The School Disciplinary Committee is constituted  to ensure the safety of students and create a congenial environment, conducive to learning.The committee also helps students to develop and maintain self-control, self respect, mutual respect and socially acceptable attitudes.
Committee Members
1. Mr. Samarendranath Das, Principal    
2.  Mr. Partha Sakha Patra, Vice Principal       
3.  Mr. Tuhin Subhra Maity, Convener            
4.  Mrs. Shankari Amin, Deputy Convener  
5.  Mr. Kanchan Ghosh, Asstt. Teacher 
6.  Mr. Satyajit Mondal, Asstt. Teacher  
7.  Mr. Debabrata Auddy, Asstt. Teacher
8.  Mr. Arindam Bhuyan, Asstt. Teacher
9.  Mrs. Moushumi Maity, Asstt. Teacher
10. Mrs. Shayeri Jana, Asstt. Teacher
11. Mrs. Mahua Maity, Asstt. Teacher
12. Mr. Iman Kalyan Sahoo, Asstt. Teacher
13. Mr. Koushik Das, Librarian
CCA, Sports & Literary Committee
The creative and sincere member teachers nurture the innate potentiality of the learners to participate in both intra and inter school competitions with great zeal. Our vivacious activities train the students to come into focus, build stamina  and teach them to overcome the difficulties that invite failure. 
Committee Members
1. Mr. Partha Sakha Patra, Vice Principal           
2. Mr. Sanjib Nanda, Co-ordinator (CCA)        
3. Mr. Swapan Maity, Convener
4. Mr. Saradindu Kar, Deputy Convener                           
5. Mrs. Anindita Maity, Asstt. Teacher       
6. Ms. Sanjukta Guchhait, Asstt. Teacher
7.  Mr. Tara Sankar Roymahapatra, Asstt. Teacher
8.  Mrs. Moumita Roy Panda, Asstt. Teacher
9.  Ms. Supriti Das, Asstt. Teacher
10. Mr. Anupam Sengupta, Asstt. Teacher
11. Mr. Dilip Kumar Samanta, Music instructor
SPARSH - The Healing Touch 
This wing provides guidance and counseling support to the students throughout the academic session relating to their various emotional, academic, behavioural and mental health issues. Under the leadership of the Principal, our well trained teacher-counsellor members of SPARSH identify the students facing learning difficulties on and from social and emotional issues. It also extends short term support either through group or individual counseling as the remedy of their smooth learning.
Committee Members
1.  Mr. Samarendranath Das, Principal
2.  Mrs. Rajasree Basu, Convener  
3.  Mrs. Srabani Gunguly, Deputy Convener  
4.  Mrs. Sangeeta Das; Convener - Incharge, Sr.Section   
5.  Mr. Avishek Dasgupta, Convener, Students Council 
6.  Mrs. Jui Sinha Jana,  Asstt. Teacher
7.  Mrs. Ritu Ghosh,  Asstt. Teacher
8.  Mrs. Suporna Das,  Asstt. Teacher
9.  Ms. Somashree Hazra, Asstt. Teacher