(Affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi)

At - Dakshin Gopinathpur, P. O. - Contai Super Market, P. S. - Junput Coastal Distt- Purba Medinipur :: West Bengal :: India-721 402

EMAIL - cps953@gmail.com :: CONTACT NO - 03220-258953/254441

The CPS Campus


We have more than adequate number of well planned classrooms befitting to modern day teaching learning process. Those are designed  and decorated to cater the need of our children of different age group. Smart classes are the part and parcel of routined learning process. Classroom decorations are changed periodically with the lessons taught and children are involved in this process to enhance their creativity.

We have a general library cum study hall with a sitting capacity of 120 students with wide range of books. The number of books is ever increasing with a present strength of 7000 plus. Once a week library study is made compulsory to enjoy its facilities. An advanced e-library is designed to cater all sorts of need for students of X, XI & XII. Apart from syllabus oriented books, the reference books for all entrance examinations are always adequately available.



• The Physics Lab is enriched with all the required equipment / instruments which is well furnished, covering an area of 1300 sq.ft.
• A spaecious Biology Lab (1000 sq.ft.) with hundreds of rare specimens, different types of Microscopes and instruments fulfill the learning desire of the students.
• An adequately equipped Chemistry Lab with an area of 1000 sq.ft. caters the required demand of the students.
• Our modern AC Computer Lab with 60 upgraded version of computers meets the facility of 1:1 ratio and is supervised round the school hours by a professional technician.
• The Geography Lab is sufficiently equipped to deliver day to day practical oriented lessons.
• A well equipped Mathematics lab runs under the supervision of skilled and experienced Mathematics teachers.

Our creative stakeholders particularly teachers and students remain busy to explore their creation and blend them with the innovative ideas to produce excellent products. Special enthusiasms are observed particularly during the days of celebrations. The session beginning days are specially marked with their ever innovative ideas.

Creative Corner


To cater the maximum possible necessities of the physical wellbeing of the children, the offers school has made exclusive provisions. A lush green well maintained playground of 6 acre area ample scopes for different outdoor games. We have a basketball court of world class standard. A swimming pool with international standard is there with a baby pool. These are our esteem pride which glorify our school.

We have an auditorium named Vivekananda Auditorium, with all modern amenities with three hundred plus sitting capacities. An auditorium of 1600 plus sitting capacity is under construction to hold all school activities within the school campus.


Health Care

A well-equipped infirmary runs round the school hours under the supervision of one male and one female trained medical assistant.

Child safety is our utmost priority from the time they board the school bus/reach the school till they reach home. Our safety security system remains alert round the clock. Every nook and corner of the school campus is under CCTV surveillance. A professional person is engaged to observe and supervise CCTV round the school hours. All the washrooms remain under the supervision of lady and male attendants at appropriate places. A school safety committee works to look into the matter of child safety.

School Safety


We have well maintained and dedicated school buses with experienced driver, male and female attendants. All the school buses are provided with seat belts, GPS, First-aid box, one-to-one seat  facility etc. Three experienced officials are exclusively engaged to monitor the movements and overall supervisions of school buses. School transport charges bare minimum fees to bring the children from in and around Contai.